How do editors determine their rates?
Editors charge in various ways, including by the word, the page, and the hour. To make things even more complicated, the rates can vary depending on the type of editing an editor does— developmental, copyediting, proofreading, and so on.

How does Wordworks charge?
After editing hundreds of books, dissertations, journal articles, and college applications, I have decided that it makes the most sense to charge by the hour. My hourly rate is $75. I do not charge for the initial consultation and sample edit but do charge for all subsequent editing, phone calls, emails, and other administrative non-editing aspects of the job.

How much will it cost for Wordworks to edit my manuscript?
To determine how much to budget for your manuscript to be edited, send it to Wordworks. To get a feel for your project, I first skim the entire document. Then to assess what level of editing is required and to give you an editing sample, I do a careful edit of 500–1000 words. I let you know by phone or email which level of editing would be most appropriate for your manuscript. I also give you an estimate of how many hours it will take to do one edit of your document. This estimate is based on how long it took me to edit the sample as well as the length, complexity, and quality of your manuscript.

What if the cost exceeds your budget?
If my estimate exceeds your budget, instead of editing your document, I can do a manuscript evaluation, which costs much less than a thorough edit and includes suggestions about how to improve your draft. Another possibility is that we can agree on Wordworks doing a less thorough edit.

How long is the turnaround time?
For shorter documents (say, up to thirty pages), the turnaround time is usually two to three days. For longer ones, count on one week. If you need a rush edit, there will be a 15% fee. So, if it takes four hours to edit your journal article, the standard fee would be $180. If you need a quick turnaround, $27 would be added.

Any additional questions?
Don’t hesitate to email Wordworks at wordworksstories@gmail.com
or to call at 843-763-3671.