What We Edit


Books—nonfiction and fiction

If you are planning to send your manuscript to a publisher, indicate prospective publishers. If you have an agent, please send his/her contact information as well. If you are planning to publish the book yourself, describe your intended audience. In either case, consider sending Wordworks titles of books that are similar to your book in content, genre, tone, and/or style.

Memoirs and other family history manuscripts

To learn more about Mary’s extensive experience helping people write their personal and family histories, please visit her personal history website: www.tell-your-stories.com.

College and graduate school application essays

Wordworks offers an application essay package, which includes not only as many rounds as it takes to produce one polished essay but also a brainstorming questionnaire to help generate topics for your essay and handouts to help you organize your brag sheet and college application process.

You can purchase the package or hire Wordworks on an hourly basis to edit your application essay. In either case, send Wordworks all of the questions on the application as well as your responses to all of the questions—not just the material you want edited. Please send your CV or brag sheet as well.

Master’s theses and dissertations

The structure and writing style of theses and dissertations vary from discipline to discipline and even from one university to another. Please send Wordworks a copy of your department’s guidelines.

Professional journal articles

Style requirements vary considerably from one journal to another. To ensure that your article is ready for publication, please send Wordworks a sample article from the journal to which you will be submitting your manuscript. In addition, please indicate your target word count.

Other manuscripts

(e.g., grants, reports, curricula, professional correspondence, newspaper and magazine articles, and brochures)

No matter what type of manuscript you send, please indicate your target word count, any style requirements, and your intended audience. If you have access to a manuscript that is similar to what you want your finished product to be, please send it.